Do you like to write stories? Have you wanted to try writing one but were too afraid? Now is your chance! Silver Tongue Press was created for a first-time author to take advantage of this opportunity. This is the chance for you to try something. This is the moment for you to test a dream. We are looking for children's short stories about Halloween or anything scary for an anthology we are putting together. Details will be coming soon. What do you do now? Contact us with any questions and begin writing! Deadline for these stories are June 30th.

Silver Tongue Press will officially launch on June 1 so the site is not live at this time. If you wish to submit children's stories, or wish to become published with any other genre, please contact me and I'll pass on the information. Oh - and I'm Creative Director for Silver Tongue Press, so seeing you published is important to me. At STP we will work with you to make your work as polished as possible. We are not a vanity press!

Hello,if you wish to contact me please use

Please access my website if you have time. Here you will find my stories. If you like any, let me know. No offense but I have never heard of you and hope you are not just someone looking to plagiarize. Sorry, no offense meant but I just don't know you. "Jessica" is a serialized and unfinished work. Probably not what you are looking for anyway. Please do have a look around my site.
Regards, Chris


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