How do you select the next book to read? Does it pull you to it or do you just shut your eyes and grab? I'm receiving a number of books lately, so choosing is becoming more difficult daily. Some books are for research, some are for reviews, and some are for education. Yes, I still go to university (and love it!).

So, I thought and thought, how would the best selection of books be for the immediate future? First, I have books that are required for school, so obviously those get me first attention. Then I have books that I have been requested to write a review on, so those are second on the list. Then, I have books for my personal research for the books I'm writing. Those will get third on the list. Then, finally I have books that on waiting to be read that are just for fun. They get to be last on the list.

Until early June, I'm not in coursework, so I get to work on the review books. Of course, I now write a review on every book I read, no matter the reason for reading it, but those that I have been requested to review get to be at the top of the pile for the remainder of April and all of May. I do keep a "fun" book for night time reading by the bed.

I look forward to reading for review and personal research in the next 5-6 weeks!

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