I've been spending a lot of time researching the Princes in the Tower for my current novel. My biggest challenge in writing seems to be coming up with tons of ideas for books before finishing this one. Also, my dogs are distracting because they're so darn entertaining.

Today, Corky is helping keep me distracted. In order to move away from the computer, and to distract myself, and to feed my munchie urges, I made some brownies. They're just now coming out of the oven and I'm forced to wait until they cool enough to not leave blisters in my mouth as I feed my need for chocolate. Yes, I'm a chocolate lover, but not just any chocolate. It has to be Nestle's chocolate or Hershey's chocolate or Baker's chocolate. It can't be deep chocolate, or Swiss chocolate, or even white chocolate. Do you see the problem with focus here?

Back to the current situation . . . The brownies are cooling, I'm drooling, when I hear a little bitty, teeny tiny noise. What could it be? My computer set up is in the kitchen where the dog throws are. It keeps them, and me, company. Plus, keeps me close to the refrigerator and the oven in case a chocolate craving should attack me. *sigh* focus, Sara.

The noise . . . I look over at the only dog that is awake (for the moment). I had left the cabinet door open where the bakeware hides. There is a little black dog nosing around looking for I-don't-know-what. He's not touching anything, but he sniffing like crazy. He freezes and turns his head. He sees me looking at him. His little head ducks down and he sulks off to his pillow. Wow, am I powerful or what? I don't have to say "no" or "lay down" or anything!

I'm sure my brownies are cool enough. Okay, they probably aren't, but I'm not patient enough to wait for them to cool. I have a cold drink that will take care of any blistering effect .... brownies beware!

Before I go . . . who do YOU think killed the Princes? Or, were they killed? That's the topic of the novel I'm writing and I'm not telling you how my brain is doing its figgerin' (basically because it works without informing me). Was it Richard III? One of his minions? A trusted friend or friends? Was it Henry Tudor when he took the throne? Or . . . did they escape the Tower?

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