Today I began using this site religiously. I feel good about it!  Thanks to Rebecca Graf for all her encouragement to begin this process. My hope is that I can daily add a book review for one of my "in the attic" books and blogs once or twice a week. So keep your eyes open! If you don't see me blog, give me a poke!

I am willing to review books for authors, especially new authors. There are a few limitations so be sure to contact me prior to sending a book.

For those that self-publish, I can help with the editing portion. Formatting, sentence and grammar structures are so important for the reader. I know these are difficult to do with your own eyes, and sometimes a second or third pair of eyes can find errors that the originator often misses because we tend to read what we think. :) 

I hope to hear from you folks soon. Let me know if you have books to review, if you have suggestions for books or movies to review, and what you'd like to see me address.

See you soon!!

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