When looking for a new book, what grabs your eye? Is it the cover? The author's name? The title? I'm doing a totally unofficial survey here.

I started thinking about this because of the new book I'm working on, and because of discussions with one of my partners. We're both bibliophiles. What's worse, we're freebie fanatics. If it's free, and a book, and an ebook, we go bananas. Of course our first reads are the books we know we need to review for authors or publishers. But, we each also get books because we want them! Need them! CRAVE them!

I started looking at what was grabbing my attention. I'll admit it, I'm a visual person so the cover grabs me first. Then, if that didn't do it, I look at the title. If I'm still on the fence, I read the blurb about the book. Then, I go back and look for authors that I know I like (or, okay, I'll admit it, I look for authors with what I think are interesting names! I'm crazy that way).

So what do you look for? I'm interested to find out. Please leave a comment on this. Here are some suggestions: Cover; author; title; blurb about the book; first chapter . . . take your pick or choose what turns you on and makes you pick up the book, or the ebook, whether you purchase it or put it back and choose another. What drew you in the first place? 
The past two weeks have had a number of eventful things happen for me. On May 27th, Silver Tongue Press launched (hey! we're looking for authors!). I'm one of three partners, and editor, and help with marketing, and do a little writing on my own, someday I'll actually finish! Since we're small for a while yet, I can wear many hats. Our hopes are, of course, that we'll grown and get to pick and choose our hats, depending on our strengths and necessity.

Then, on Monday, the 4th, I started back to my classes. I'm working on my BA in history, and minoring in English. I'm taking 15 hours this semester, then again next semester, then 12 the following semester. So by this time next year, the Good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise, I'll have completed my BA. That is so exciting to me. I'm always asked what I want to do with the degree. Well, folks, I'm a grandmother, so I'm doing it for me. Not to "be" something or "do" something. I'm doing it for me. Because I can.

Then, on a sadder note . . . a group of us online quilter friends (obviously with my schedule I don't quilt much, but try to drop in now and then) passed away from cancer. It seems to have all happened quite quickly, and she was only two years older than me. She was a true angel on earth. I have never met a more giving or loving woman . . . even online . . . . I'll miss her dreadfully. She always took time to send me quick emails, just to see how things were going for me. She didn't only do that with me, she was equally caring about everyone of our group. I know she was probably like that in person as well. Did I mention I've never met her face-to-face? But, she was important to me. I've known her several years online, so I feel I know her.

As a result of losing this dear lady. A lady that many of us are touched by her passing, and in true mourning for her, I've decided to put to the side the book I've been working on and change gears. I'm going to write a book about her, well about all of us, but about how she touched us with her humor, her caring, and her giving. Wish me luck on it. I hope I can do her proud. I miss you Gerda, but know you're in a better place and are no longer ill.
Here is western Kansas the weather turned cooler as a storm rolled through last night. It made sleeping wonderful, and waking up slow. Working from home, I usually wake up fairly early but have to inhale many cups of coffee before I'm semi-awake and have brain-wave activity, as my friend and partner Rebecca Graf has found out! Today however, I got to wake up nice and slow and was actually AWAKE when I got up.

The kids (read: dogs) went out, came back in, and enjoying the cooler start and cloudy skies, immediately began their morning nap. Zed (the Yorkie) takes his in my lap. Corky takes his under my desk beside my feet. Pistol sleeps on his pillow. Cyndar Ellah (pictured) takes hers on my chair legs, or under the bookshelf beside my desk, or in her crate, or wherever she drops. Today, she went to her crate. UNTIL . . . .


Cyndar is a little bully. She bullies all the others around here. She bullies people walking down the street. She bullies people going to the convenience store across the street that dare to walk into the store rather than stand at the pump. She especially tries to bully people on bicycles. But thunder! That's her undoing. You see, she can't bully thunder. Her little eyes get wide, she starts to shake. Then she does one final bully. She shoves Zed out of my lap and takes over. Thunder is the enemy! And it's mean.

So here I sit. One unhappy Yorkie that his place has been usurped. One unhappy dachshund that thunder has disturbed her little kingdom. And two still sleeping, the male dachshund and the Min-Pin because they couldn't care less about thunder.

And I need coffee. I don't dare get up because it will disturb her majesty. I shall suffer thru the thunder attack while her preciousness is uneasy, then after she's calm, I can take care of me. It's a lot of sacrifice being mom to four babies. :)

Have a great day! And watch for more reviews today!!

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