The Rosary Murders, first published in 1978, is coming to readers again. This cozy mystery is fun, easily followed, and easily read. The Rosary Murders was made into a movie, starring Donald Sutherland, in 1987. This book is one of some twenty-four crime novels featuring Father Robert Koesler.

William X. Kienzle spent twenty years in the priesthood after leaving due to a disagreement with policy. He was editor of MPLS Magazine in Minneapolis, then later was director of Center for Contemplative Studies at University of Dallas. His wife carries on his publishing career today.

Kienzle leads us on a merry chase as the seemingly innocuous death of a priest near death in a hospital becomes more  important as the first death in a series of murders. Key elements are the joking between colleagues in the police department and the conversations between priests during meals. The trust the Catholic priests and nuns place in their parishioners is important. Not only in real life, but in The Rosary Murders, that trust is what makes priests and nuns so susceptible to danger, especially when working in the less desirable areas.  The police wisely pay attention to Fr.  Koesler as he offers his help and is open to their suggestions to catch the culprit and solve the crime.

This is a short, easy read. Fun and not complicated. The Rosary Murders makes a good read for a quiet day or to lull to sleep at night.

Because the reader may be accustomed to today’s technology, please remember this is an older book. Cell phones are not around every corner.

All in all, I’d give this a 4 out of 5 stars for its ingenuity of the time and the easy writing style.

So what are you waiting for? Go read it!

NOTE: I was provided this book by request to NetGalley in return
for an honest review.

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