The youngest sister of Katherine Woodville played a quiet part
during the War of the Roses. Today’s reader never hears about her. She was born
to a noblewoman accused of witchcraft, was sister to the queen that considered
an upstart, and wife to a traitor to the crown. Married as a child, she was
married for 18 years and had four living children as her husband turned
  traitorous to Richard III. She was in her twenties when it happened.

Higginbotham takes us through the War of the Roses with Kate
  Woodville, as an added bonus she uses Harry’s voice (Henry, Duke of Buckingham)
  to describe the events of War of the Roses. Harry was also a child when he and
  Kate married. He was liked, but never favored, with Edward IV. Only with
Richard’s throne did he begin to have the titles and tribulations a duke would
expect from the crown. But at what price? It cost the lives of Kate’s brother
and several nephews, including the crown

Kate and her children survive the traitorous acts of her husband
to live on when Henry VII comes to the throne. Her little known story is just
one of the many that should be told. Love, betrayal, and death surround her
family as the quest for the throne is

Susan Higginbotham has done her research well and used the facts
to form a compelling story that any fan of the War of the Roses will find this
fictional account a must-read.

NOTE:  I purchased
  this book with my own funds.

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