Ami Blackwelder, indie author, brings a Young Adult paranormal tale of suspense, intrigue and a little love to Millennium High School.

The first few pages of the book bring sadness as the class looks out the window as Tommy commits suicide. Imagine how horrified those kids are! Ali (Allison) convinces her friends that something’s not right about it. So, they investigate and find just enough to bring more trouble to Ali’s world. Blackwelder handles the situation without an overly dreadful air, yet it doesn’t ignore the suspense and danger that’s coming.

Dameon is tall, dark, and handsome, a combination Ali can’t ignore. Suddenly he’s paying attention to her and they become an item. Her friends become jealous since her attention is diverted from them, a very  similar situation that occurs in high schools across the nation. But how does Dameon really feel? Does he love her like she hopes? 
Three new students start at the school, but who are they? Ali’s friends are spending time with them. Ali likes them too, but Kian tries to get in the way of her relationship with Dameon. Oh what a tangled web. 
Ali’s brother is a cop, investigating the suicide. He lives at home with Ali and their mom. He doesn’t figure prominently, just enough to know their relationship is a typical brother-sister relationship and that he wants to keep her protected, as any older brother would, especially in a family without a dad.

 As the paranormal reveals itself, the gang is taken into a world where anything can happen. Things we see today in our lives might, just might, be something else entirely. Read She Speaks with Angels to find out!

Blackwelder left me wanting more! But . . . oh look, the end of the book says there will be a sequel, whew!

 I’ll give this a 4 of 5. It’s a good read and holds attention (obviously, I wasn’t ready for it to end). 
DISCLAIMER: I received this book from Library Thing in a Member Giveaway.

6/13/2012 09:15:15 am

I have read another book by this author. I enjoyed it, but it seems I would like this much better. I enjoyed your reviews, a lot of them actually. I am trying to perfect shortening my reviews and getting across the perfect amount of info needed. Like yours. Look forward to reading more of your reviews :-)


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