Dakota Franklin is author to the series Ruthless
to Win
. Each book of the series, however, is stand-alone with references
that do not require the reader to know the story of other books. She lives in
Switzerland and writes exciting, technical novels. For the average reader,
Requiem at Monza might contain too much technical information, yet it will
continue to hold the reader in its grip of intrigue.

Jo Ann, the main character, is a securities specialist searching
for a vehicle part that the Italian authorities will not release for inspection.
The intrigue involves authorities and criminal minds allowing a lot of action
and twists to the plot. About the time you think the mystery will be solved, a
new twist steps in. Jo Ann, being the strong, tall woman she is (yes, tall is
important to Jo Ann), is able to think ahead most of the time to the possible
implications of the situation. Jo Ann brings a little humor, a lot of intuition,
and her ability to think outside of the box to give the reader enjoyment.

This is not a novel for the light reader, but is one that will
probably hold the attention of any racing fan to the brutal end. The race track
and drivers figure prominently yet do not overshadow the action. The high-tech
influence on the cars is important and explains many things that the non-racing
fan might grasp to understand the technology involved in putting these
high-dollar cars on the track.

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