Plain Jane written by Laurien Gardner, is a
rare view at Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. She isn't a beauty in the
traditional sense like Anne Boleyn. Gardner present Seymour as a woman with an
inner beauty determined not to be beheaded or be set aside as her predecessors
were. Although Jane is one of the lesser-known wives, she is important in that
she was the only wife to successfully bring a son, an heir, to the monarchy.
Gardner brings us a story that gives Jane substance and gives the reader
appreciation for this little-known queen. She is quiet, obedient, and faithful.
She does stand up to the king, but in a quiet way unlike her predecessors.
Jane's death, so soon after Edward is born, is treated with empathy and is given
a dignity that Jane so richly deserves. Well done, Laurien Gardner.

NOTE: This book was purchased with my own funds.

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