Todd Brabander  is a man of many talents. He is a
musician, an artist, and an author. He has written a couple of other titles, but his book Hammerhead caught my attention. As a novella, it is a quick and very easy read . . . and oddly compelling.

 Step into the head of a serial killer. It really isn’t very gory, honestly! It began honestly enough, then got a little more important as time went on. But, he doesn’t kill for the sake of killing, nor for the art of killing. He has reasons, very logical reasons. His reasoning is the same as yours and mine, he just takes it further than most would. We’ve all (or almost all) thought, “I’d love to kill that jerk because s/he _______ (fill in the blank).” But, we haven’t. We probably don’t even think about how to commit the act.

But with Hammerhead we get to step into the mind of a calm, cool thinker, and actually LIKE the guy! I mean, you know what he’s going to do, but you almost find yourself cheering him on! 
This is a 5 out of 5. It is well-written, well thought out, well executed (pardon the pun). I look forward to more of Mr. Brabander’s renderings!

DISCLAIMER:  I received this book as part of Library Thing’s Member Giveaway program without expectation of a review.

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