Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, available with Amazon and with Barnes & Noble.

This is a book about Gettysburg in the Civil War.  It concentrates on the 1863  battle.  I especially enjoy reading different points of view, both from  characters of the North and of the South.

Mr. Shaara has done his  research well and knows the vital characters well.  His writing allows the reader to feel he is there, watching, feeling, smelling, experiencing the battle  and the hopes, fears, desperation, and thrill of the battle is felt by the
reader.  Reading the descriptives of the scenery, the weather, the smells, and the battles helps the reader picture what is happening.  This is fiction but is based heavily on fact.

I cannot express enough my feelings when reading. I'm a Civil War buff to begin with, so of course I'm going to read the book.  I
do feel that those who aren't as drawn to the era and battles as I am will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I highly recommend this book for all.

NOTE: This book was borrowed from the public library.