Al Lacy has been writing books for a number of years.  He did not shirk his duty in grabbing his readers on this one. Beloved Enemy is the first in his Battles of Destiny / Bull Run series. It opens with Lincoln going to Washington to take office. Young Jenny Jordan, daughter of a Union colonel begins work in the White House as a receptionist in Lincoln’s administration. Her father is on the Military Council to prepare for war against the South. Ironically, the Jordans are originally from Virginia, yet chose to stay in the Union army. Their hearts, however, stay with Virginia soil. Jenny falls in love with a daring, dashing Buck Brownell of the Zouave military units of the North. This is the beginning of the intrigue this book brings.

      As the approach of war draws near, Jenny becomes more enchanted with Buck, her father determines that he will begin a Confederate spy ring. He presses Jenny into service, albeit reluctantly. The punishment for traitors in wartime is execution by firing squad. Jenny is reluctant, partly because of the punishment, but also because she fears for her father’s life, and for the life of the man she loves. She knows this is a dangerous game they are playing. She is able to successfully avoid carrying messages for a long time.  You can only know what happens when you read the story!

      Lacy treated the historical facts well, and allowed his characters to interact with real historical figures in a believable manner. He brings actual Confederate spies into the story, along with their real roles. The action, the intrigue, the love, the hope, and the fear are very real when allowing yourself to immerse into the wonderful tome brought forward by Mr. Lacy. America’s streets and homes were filled with the Civil War, whether one was actively involved or not. This book brings that war to your home as well.

      Lacy’s treatment to both the North and the South is respectful, yet factual. This book gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me. 

DISCLAIMER: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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