For the Roses by Julie Garwood is a paperback that is well-worn
in my personal library. Garwood’s talent for making her heroines spunky, daring,
and innocent, while allowing them to be strong, is a plus for her books. Mary
Rose is no exception.

Mary Rose interacts with her family and friends with caring. She
allows her interactions to be realistic and fun. It is easy to visualize this
spunky heroine. She is allowed a temper, even at times that women are angry for
no reason, but has that temper in such a fun way that one cannot be angry back
at her. Garwood’s pen allows endearment, not anger. Mary Rose realizes her
complaining makes her brothers uncomfortable, so she complains when she wants
them to quit bothering her because they change the subject or find another place
to go. She gives caring to Corrie, a woman living away from civilization because
she was treated horribly by indigents and is disfigured. She protects Corrie
from trouble-makers in town when they attempt to burn Corrie out.

Although this is an older book, it is worth a read, even if you
are not a lover of historical romance. Her characters are individual, not dull,
and bring a good time to the reader. This is the kind of book that is enjoyable,
relaxing, and fun.

NOTE:  I purchased
  this book with my own funds.


Bubba and the Dead  Woman (Bubba Snoddy, #1)

C.L. Bevill has taken mystery to a new level. Bubba is such an interesting character ranging from good
ol' boy to refinement. He is honest but finds himself in so many predicaments
that he faces with grace and a determination to resolve the issues. Bubba is a
fun character and is included in later books

Other  characters in the book are funny and engaging. This is a fun and quick read.
From Bubba's mother to the local bed-and-breakfast owner / madame, the
characters give more color to this enjoyable read

Bevill is  an author to watch and read.

NOTE: I purchased this book  with my own funds. 
Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, available with Amazon and with Barnes & Noble.

This is a book about Gettysburg in the Civil War.  It concentrates on the 1863  battle.  I especially enjoy reading different points of view, both from  characters of the North and of the South.

Mr. Shaara has done his  research well and knows the vital characters well.  His writing allows the reader to feel he is there, watching, feeling, smelling, experiencing the battle  and the hopes, fears, desperation, and thrill of the battle is felt by the
reader.  Reading the descriptives of the scenery, the weather, the smells, and the battles helps the reader picture what is happening.  This is fiction but is based heavily on fact.

I cannot express enough my feelings when reading. I'm a Civil War buff to begin with, so of course I'm going to read the book.  I
do feel that those who aren't as drawn to the era and battles as I am will thoroughly enjoy this book.

I highly recommend this book for all.

NOTE: This book was borrowed from the public library.
I enjoy books of all genre. Equally enjoyable is bringing books down from the attic to re-read and review. We have so many wonderful works to read, missing an oldie but goodie would be a disservice to the reader and to the author. So, my goal in writing reviews will include new authors, old authors, new books, and old books. Categories will be established as reviews are populated in this section.

I hope to hear your views, not only on the review but on the book itself if you've read it. I also want to thank the authors for pouring their thoughts, hearts, and souls into pages that we, the readers and reviewers, get to immerse ourselves into and enjoy.